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Our Services

At Arden Matheson, we strive to listen to you and create tailored development solutions that will enable your business to deliver, grow and sustain performance. We will deliver a clear learning solution that will capture the best learning approach for what you need.


Our Services cover three areas of expertise – Consultative Sales, Bespoke Recruitment Consultant Training and Sales Management Training.  


Arden Matheson Core Areas


Consultative Sales

Impact Sales

Telephone Sales

Face to face sales


Beliefs, Mindset and Motivation

Pipeline Management

Customer Service and Client Retention


Bespoke Recruitment Consultant Training

Market Mapping  

Client Development and Client Retention

Effective BD Calls

Client Meetings

Masterclasses for Temporary and Permanent Consultants


Candidate Management

Job Management

Client Management

Written Sales

Pipeline Management

Headhunting and Retainers

Advanced Sales Skills for Experienced Consultants


Sales Management

Best Practice Sales Management

Coaching Skills

Balancing fee earning and managing a team

Performance Management


Motivational techniques

Time Management

Feedback Skills

Interviewing Skills

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We strive to provide tools and techniques to support individuals to be the best that they can be. Whether it is a one off training course, a coaching module or a continuous development programme, we are committed to meet your needs and objectives.

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Developing you to be the best that you can be...